Brian M. Moskowitz

Founder of Attorney Revolution

Earn more. Work less.

Brian is the Founder of Attorney Revolution where he helps attorneys create the life and law practice they desire. Brian is a Trainer for a global education, training, and coaching company where he travels the country for seminars on business and life mastery. He is also a practicing attorney having built successful practices in both New York and Florida.

Be fulfilled.

Brian has spent thousands of hours mastering how to achieve balance and fulfillment in life while still practicing law.  He has distilled it down to a specific step-by-step formula based on scientifically proven strategies so you too can achieve whole-life balance, reduce your stress, reclaim your time, and earn more money.

Are you ready to THRIVE in your LIFE and PRACTICE?

Join your fellow attorneys and learn the MINDSET and SCIENCE BASED strategies to achieve Whole-Life Balance, Reduce Your Stress, Effectively Manage Your Time, and Earn More Revenue.

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Learn how to dramatically increase revenue, reduce/eliminate stress and take back your time.